Why Attend DevPulseCon 2019?

Presented by CodeChix - Bay Area

DevPulseCon is the only hyper-focused technical conferences for women* engineers, technical product/project/program managers, developers, users, system administrators, Open Source contributors, scientists, mathematicians, and geeks.  In 2019, we’ll unite 350+ professionals for two powerful days of learning, networking and fun!

*Women includes all significantly woman-identified people, whatever their journey.

DevPulseCon Attendees Are…

  • Driven and passionate about our technical field

  • Eager to stay abreast of market-leading technologies

  • Dedicated to learning in a comfortable, encouraging environment full of super smart people

  • Focused on skill development, knowledge sharing and community building

  • Excited to meet you!  

DevPulseCon Content Is…

  • Hands-on with an emphasis on active learning so bring your device and power cord

  • Well-rounded featuring technical talks and workshops on programming languages, Open Source involvement, development frameworks, hardware and devops, and life as a women in tech

  • Real-world leveraging the talent and experience of people who are in the trenches, developing, managing, directing and architecting every day

We believe in…

  • Welcoming a diverse cross-section of engineers and TPMs from all backgrounds to promote idea exchange and understanding

  • Partnering will male allies who support and advocate for technical women

  • Engaging employers who sustain, grow and retain today’s talented and hard-working women engineers and technologists



Past Conferences 2015 - 2018