Rupa Dachere

Founder & CEO, codechix.org +  Founder & Director, devpulsecon.org

Rupa Dachere is the Founder and Executive Director of CodeChix, a 501©3 charitable non-profit dedicated to the Education, Advocacy and Mentorship of women engineers in industry. She is a Principal Product Manager at her day job at WalmartLabs. Rupa has been a software engineer and tinkerer for decades and loves to learn new technologies/skills and share her knowledge with others.  Her code runs on the USA and Japan's long-haul backbone switches as well as Base Station Controllers, Dish Network and DirecTV encoders and vSphere products.  She is also known as the creator of PiDoorbell.  She currently works on "cloudy" infrastructure as her full-time job and tried to find time to code whenever she can.

A recognized speaker and panelist at PyCon, OSCON, Grace Hopper Conference, KQED and several international conferences, Rupa is known for her straight talk about the challenges that women face in the tech industry and her dedication to addressing the retention issue through her programs at CodeChix and her unique annual technical conference, DevPulseCon which focuses on open source. Rupa attended the University of Colorado at Boulder for her Computer Science degree and is the recipient of awards from the IEEE and ABI. She is also an Advisor at the Stanford Engineering-For-Good program.  She is honored to be able to call herself a long-time personal friend of Don Knuth and his wife, Jill.  Learn more about her at rupadachere.com.