DevPulseCon 2019 Speakers

Presented by CodeChix - Bay Area 


Rupa Dachere

Founder & CEO, +  Founder & Director,

Rupa Dachere is the Founder and Executive Director of CodeChix, a 501©3 charitable non-profit dedicated to the Education, Advocacy and Mentorship of women engineers in industry. She is a Principal Product Manager at her day job at WalmartLabs. Rupa has been a software engineer and tinkerer for decades and loves to learn new technologies/skills and share her knowledge with others.  Her code runs on the USA and Japan's long-haul backbone switches as well as Base Station Controllers, Dish Network and DirecTV encoders and vSphere products.  She is also known as the creator of PiDoorbell.  She currently works on "cloudy" infrastructure as her full-time job and tried to find time to code whenever she can.

A recognized speaker and panelist at PyCon, OSCON, Grace Hopper Conference, KQED and several international conferences, Rupa is known for her straight talk about the challenges that women face in the tech industry and her dedication to addressing the retention issue through her programs at CodeChix and her unique annual technical conference, DevPulseCon which focuses on open source. Rupa attended the University of Colorado at Boulder for her Computer Science degree and is the recipient of awards from the IEEE and ABI. She is also an Advisor at the Stanford Engineering-For-Good program.  She is honored to be able to call herself a long-time personal friend of Don Knuth and his wife, Jill.  Learn more about her at


Gabriela de Queiroz

Gabriela is a Sr. Developer Advocate/Sr. Engineering & Data Science Manager at IBM where she works on AI building tools, launching new open source projects, and improving existing core open source frameworks. She is the founder of R-Ladies, a worldwide organization for promoting diversity in the R community with more than 100 chapters in 35+ countries. She likes to mentor and shares her knowledge through mentorship programs, tutorials and talks. She holds 2 Master’s: one in Epidemiology and one in Statistics.


Grishma Jena

Grishma is a Cognitive Software Engineer with Data Science for Marketing at IBM Watson. She earned her Masters in Computer Science at University of Pennsylvania. Her research interests are in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. She was recently a mentor for the non-profit AI4ALL's AI Project Fellowship where she guided a group of high school students to use AI for prioritising 911 EMS calls. Grishma also teaches Python at the San Francisco Public Library. She enjoys delivering talks and is passionate about encouraging women and youngsters in technology. 


Dr. Anita Jindal

Dr. Anita Jindal is a seasoned business leader with passion for technology and products.  She is currently Director of Engineering at NetApp, and prior to that held Sr Director role at Oracle. At NetApp, she leads data science, microservices, and API platforms based on Big Data (Hadoop) and cloud technologies. She has been a speaker and moderator at STEM and Women In Technology (WIT) events.  Anita is currently serving as a Board Member for STEMentors Silicon Valley (a non-profit) that promotes STEM for underrepresented children. Anita holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago.


Karim Eldefrawy, Ph.D.

Karim Eldefrawy, Ph.D., is a senior computer scientist at the Computer Science Laboratory at SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute). His research interests lie in security and privacy for distributed and cyber-physical systems, in particular, cryptography and secure and privacy-preserving computation. He authored over 50 peer-reviewed publications on these topics, and taught undergraduate and graduate courses on security and cryptography at the University of California at Irvine from 2012 till 2016, and at the University of San Francisco in 2018.


Prasuna Muthyala

Prasuna (Prasue) has worked at Walmart Labs for the past 10 years. She is currently a Director of Software Engineering, where she leads multiple catalog initiatives related to Item Setup and Supplier Integrations. She is an active member of the Walmart Labs Women In Tech group and is very passionate about fostering a culture of inclusion within the tech industry.

Prasuna received dual degrees in Information Systems and Marketing from Robert Gordon University, Scotland. In her spare time, she enjoys chasing after her two active sons, attending Bollywood dance events, and watching movies.


David Ott

David Ott is a Sr. Researcher within VMware Research and Co-Director of VMware’s Academic Program. VMAP is the external research arm of VMware, bringing together top academic researchers and company technical leaders to better understand disruptive technology trends, and to explore new areas of innovation. David works on a wide range of security topics including post quantum cryptography, trusted computing, and security aspects of virtualization. David is a Ph.D. graduate in Computer Science from UNC Chapel Hill.


Swarna Podila

Swarna leads community efforts at Cloud Foundry Foundation, fostering collaboration and promoting kindness. Prioritizing people over technology, she focuses on finding and amplifying the untold stories and lesser-known innovations of the people who comprise the Cloud Foundry community.


Kate Reading

Kate is an Engineering Manager, enabling teams to work together effortlessly at Asana. She is on the Platform team in San Francisco, working on users' holistic experience of Asana and beyond. Before Asana she spent 13 years writing secure software at the Federal Government in Washington, DC. Kate gets excited about continuous improvement, writing beautiful code, technical growth, and growing others as a leader.


Pat Richards

Pat Richards is Director of Partner Engineering at VMware. She got her Master in Computer Science and Engineering from Santa Clara University and her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Rochester Institute of Technology. Pat leads a technical partner integration team that covers VMware's product and services portfolio. Her passion is helping people to fulfill their potential.


Wei Shen

Wei Shen is Director of Software Engineering, CASE-SCIENCES. Wei got her Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering from UC Davis and her Master in IEOR from UC Berkeley. Since joining WalmartLabs 6 years ago, she has been leading ML related efforts in a wide variety of areas including social targeting, personalization, customer LTV prediction, CRM, as well as search engine marketing.


Saishruthi Swaminathan

Saishruthi is a developer advocate and data scientist in the IBM CODAIT team whose main focus is to democratize data and AI through open source technologies. She has a Masters in Electrical Engineering specializing in Data Science and a Bachelor degree in Electronics and Instrumentation. She is also one of the active members in University AI research team. Her passion is to dive deep into the ocean of data, extract insights and use AI for social good. On a mission to spread the knowledge and experience, she acquired in her learning process.