DevPulseCon History

DevPulseCon was previously known as Coder[xx], established in October 2015.  Rupa Dachere, Founder/Executive Director of CodeChix and a seasoned software engineer and technical lead, noticed that there was a complete lack of purely technical conferences and forums for women engineers and developers working in the industry.  Most companies provide limited educational opportunities for their employees to keep up their technical skills and very few offer time off to enroll in dedicated classes external to the company.  She decided to tackle this problem by rallying the CodeChix volunteers and presenting the first conference of this kind (Coder[xx]) in 2015. 

DevPulseCon (formerly knows as Coder[xx]) is focused around engineers who also have real life responsibilities, obligations and, therefore, have severely limited time to dedicate to keeping up their technical skills.  For all the engineers who are also moms, primary caregivers, head of households, students with enormous loans, we want all of us to have a way to grow despite the huge hurdles in our path from industry and society.  We, at CodeChix, hope to be able to continue to support our brilliant, technical members with such conferences and hope others follow our lead.  May the code be with you.

As of 2017, DevPulseCon spearheaded “safe-space” panels to address the cultural issues in the workplace which affects the dropout rate of women engineers and technologists.

2015: Our inaugural one-day conference known as Coder[xx] on October 24 at the Computer History Museum, Mt. View.   Audience: 105 attendees and volunteers.  99.8% women engineers (FTE), rest students.

2016: Our second conference renamed to DevPulseCon on April 23 at the Computer History Museum, Mt. View.  Audience: 125 attendees and volunteers. 99% women engineers (FTE), rest students.

2017: Our third conference DevPulseCon expanded to 2-days on April 20 and 21, Computer History Museum, Mt. View.  Audience: 230 attendees and volunteers. 98 % women engineers (FTE), rest students and logistics personnel.

2018: Our fourth conference was 2 days and we featured our first male allies panel with active participation from the audience. We also expanded our invitation to Technical Product Managers, Technical Program Managers and Technical Project Managers.

About CodeChix

CodeChix is a 501c3 organization dedicated to the  Education, Advocacy and Mentoring, of women engineers in industry and academia.   We aim to increase the number of women engineers in industry through our technical and mentoring/networking programs.

We focus on face-to-face communication and build a community of women supporting each other with their professional development.  To do this, we  conduct eventsparticipate in competitions as a team, develop open-source projects on our Github repository and actively network to create a foundation for women engineers on the technical ladder in software and hardware.

CodeChix helps retain, retrain, and recruit women engineers and is a 501(c)(3) qualified nonprofit.



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