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April 19-20, 2019

unleash the engineer within you

TARGETING 350+ Women Engineers, Product/Program/Project Managers and Engineering Managers + Awesome Male Allies

DevPulseCon is a two-day technical and educational micro-conference focused on women engineers, developers, users, administrators and geeks working in industry and academia.  In 2019, we are expanding to include Product Managers, Program Managers, Project Managers and Engineering Managers to elevate the conversation and learning.  The conference was founded in 2015 (as Coder[xx]).  

It includes one day of technical talks and "safe-space" panel discussions on "uncomfortable" (no social media allowed during panels) topics and a second day of purely technical hands-on workshops developed and taught per CodeChix Hands-on Workshop Guidelines.  

We are strong proponents of Open Source software and hardware (and anything else that qualifies in this light). All conference content is open source and does not include any sales pitches or proprietary content. 

This is the first and only conference catering to full-time women engineers and PM’s which provides purely-technical educational training on cutting edge technology as well as providing a "safe space" for the women to discuss issues and solutions to culture that affects technical women across the industry.  Our primary target audience is women engineers and developers as well as product, program and project managers.  We, also, provide a quota of tickets to selected men engineers and students to provide exposure to issues we discuss and build allies.

Our primary goal is to RETAIN the fantastic, driven and brilliant women engineers and PM's that are lost in the folds of companies and teams but whose contributions build and sustain the foundations of our industry.

Keynote Speaker - Radia Perlman

Radia Perlman  - Inventor of Spanning Tree Algorithm

Radia Perlman - Inventor of Spanning Tree Algorithm

List of Awesome Speakers and Instructors coming shortly… !

What to Expect and Why You Should Attend 2019

What People are Saying…

"Loved the small, efficiently organized conference. Enjoyed the focus on technical women and the technical tracks."

"I loved the depth of technical detail the presentations and workshops went into."

"The Docker workshop was excellent. Anusha and team put in a lot of prep work which paid off. The exercises were very relevant and opened up enough questions so that one could go looking for answers.  ... Overall, the conference was excellent and was a good use of my Saturday. Nicely done!"

"Great conference. Learnt a lot of new things."

"The location of the conference is very good. The amount of participation in the whole event and the degree of interest shown by the audience are quite impressive!"

"Great sessions, love the panel and the Docker tech vocal workshop. Also, Swagger and other tool overview was great. I did not code for years and this was a great safe environment to get back and bring the engineer in me. Thank you."