Welcome to DevPulseCon, Spring 2018!

DevPulseCon continues it's tradition of hyper-focused technical conferences for women engineers, developers, users, system administrators, Open Source contributors, scientists, mathematicians, and geeks, presented by CodeChix-Bay Area. ("Women" includes all significantly woman-identified people, whatever their journey.) DevPulseCon was previously known as Coder[xx] in 2015.

  • This is a conference for women engineers by women engineers (CodeChix.org).
  • And, by helpful, supportive, and open-minded men engineers (some of our speakers).
  • You must bring your laptop to this conference because you will be learning!

This conference is for those of us who are driven and passionate about our technical field. We want to keep abreast of the current market-leading technologies, learn and enhance our knowledge and skills in an environment that is comfortable, encouraging, filled with super-smart people, and focused on learning and knowledge-sharing. If you see yourself in this category, this is the conference for you. We want to meet you, get to know you, see how we can help you, and see how you can help us and others. You must come - there are many others like you who would love to meet you.

We have a great schedule coming together that spans hands-on workshops on new programming languages, Open Source involvement, development frameworks, hardware and devops, and also plenty of great technical talks by both women and men engineers/developers who practice everyday and are not in an "ivory tower". This is the real deal from real people who are in the trenches - not managing, directing, architecting, etc. They build stuff every day and know the ins/outs and what works and what doesn't - regardless of what books/journals tout.

We encourage networking and our conference may even help you find your next career opportunity! We will host selected employers who have tailored work environments that will provide the best chance of advancement and work satisfaction for technical women.

We expect engineers from all technical backgrounds, including computer science, electrical engineering, aerospace, biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics (you get the drift). If you identify yourself as a woman engineer, developer, scientist, mathematician, geek - this conference is for you!

Hope to see you there and