Speakers (work in progress - as we nail down final details)

Rupa Dachere

Founder & Executive Director of codechix.org +  Founder & Director of devpulsecon.org

Rupa Dachere is the Founder and Executive Director of CodeChix, a 501©3 charitable non-profit dedicated to the Education, Advocacy and Mentorship of women engineers in industry. She is a Senior Member of Technical Staff at her day job at VMware. Rupa has been a software engineer and tinkerer for decades and loves to learn new technologies/skills and share her knowledge with others.  Her code runs on the USA and Japan's long-haul backbone switches as well as Base Station Controllers, Dish Network and DirecTV encoders and vSphere products.  She is also known as the creator of PiDoorbell.

A recognized speaker and panelist at PyCon, OSCON, Grace Hopper Conference and several international conferences, Rupa is known for her straight talk about the challenges that women face in the tech industry and her dedication to addressing the retention issue through her programs at CodeChix and her unique annual technical conference, DevPulseCon which focuses on open source. Rupa attended the University of Colorado at Boulder for her Computer Science degree and is the recipient of awards from the IEEE and ABI. She is also an Advisor at the Stanford Engineering-For-Good program.  Learn more about her at rupadachere.com.

Kelsey Hightower

Cloud Developer Advocate, GCP

Kelsey Hightower has worn every hat possible throughout his career in tech, and enjoys leadership roles focused on making things happen and shipping software. Kelsey is a strong open source advocate focused on building simple tools that make people smile.

Nithya Ruff

Board of Directors, Diversity and Inclusion, CodeChix

Nithya A. Ruff is the senior director for Comcast’s Open Source Strategy practice. Nithya first glimpsed the power of open source while at SGI in the ‘90s and has been building bridges between hardware developers and the open source community ever since. Previously, she created and managed Western’s Digital’s Open Source office and has held leadership positions at Wind River (an Intel company), Synopsys, Avaya, Tripwire, and Eastman Kodak. Nithya has been a passionate advocate for opening doors to new people in open source for many years and has promoted diverse ways of contributing to open source projects. She is coleader of the Women of OpenStack (WOO) group and a liaison into the OpenStack Foundation. Her work has included partnering with NCWIT on a Male Allies Workshop and panel and serving as a mentor at OpenStack. She is also a sponsor of the Women in Open Source (WIOS) Lunch at the Linux Foundation and an active leader of WIOS, advocating for reducing barriers for women and underrepresented minorities.   Her writing on open source and best practices for increasing diversity has appeared in Light ReadingHuffington PostOpensource.com, and the San Jose Business Journal_. You can often find her on social media promoting dialogue on diversity and open source. In recognition of her work in open source both on the business and community side, Nithya was named to _CIO Magazine’s most influential women in open source list.  Nithya holds an MS in computer science from NDSU and an MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon Business School. She lives in the Bay Area and is a proud mother of two daughters.

Rachel Thomas

Rachel Thomas was selected by Forbes as one of 20 Incredible Women in AI, earned her math PhD at Duke, and was an early engineer at Uber. She is co-founder of fast.ai, which created the “Practical Deep Learning for Coders” course that over 100,000 students have taken. Rachel is a popular writer and keynote speaker. Her writing has been read by over half a million people; has been translated into Chinese, Spanish, Korean, & Portuguese; and has made the front page of Hacker News 7x. She is on twitter @math_rachel and her website is here.

Gloria W

With 20+ years of embedded systems, system admin, dev-ops and software experience, Gloria brings a long and interesting perspective to any talk. She has freelanced for much of her career, working for the Library of Congress, Motorola, iMentor, and many start-ups and mid-sized companies, wearing many hats, and adding successful projects to her vast and varied experience. 

Professor Donald Knuth