Session Topics

Bring your laptop and have the prerequisites done for the workshops!

Make sure your laptop is fully charged and bring your power cord. Install any operating system and program updates beforehand.


Tech Talk: NoSQL Database Platforms  - Mansi Narula

Database Platforms have evolved in the last ten years from Relational to Document stores, Column families and Key value Stores. Different Database Platforms provide different capabilities. With given vast variety of choices, understanding the sweet spots and pain points become paramount in software development. This talk will cover highlights and sample use cases for some of the major NoSQL DB Platforms like, Mongo, Cassandra, Couchbase and Hbase. This talk will also provide a glimpse of Database Platform Selection Tool which is effective in selecting the right platform and the underlying rules that are used to guide the decision.


Tech Talk: Using DC/OS for Continuous Delivery - Elizabeth K. Joseph

DC/OS provides an open source platform for deploying applications. In this talk, you will see DC/OS used to set up Jenkins, a popular open source CI/CD platform, with a "workflow" pipeline job and the necessary credentials to demonstrate a basic continuous delivery pipeline.


Tech Talk: IoT: Yes You Can! - Gloria W

IoT is quickly transitioning from buzzword to product, as the worlds of makers and hobbyists collide with commercial ventures. The commercial vs. hobbyist approaches to protocols, products, communication methods and offered solutions will be reviewed, and short demos of some existing products will happen. You will learn how you can start dabbling without investing a huge sum of money. Fun will ensue. 

Panel Discussions

Getting Your Next Job - Groundwork You Need To Do Before You Start Interviewing


Michelle Ho
Elizabeth K. Joseph
Jeeyun Lim

Moderated by Gloria W.

A candid discussion about hidden and/or mundane stuff you need to do WELL ahead of time in order to expect a positive and successful outcome in your job search.

Company culture that works for YOU (not just the men in your team) - AKA "work/life balance"


Ricky Trigalo

Christine Lu

Gloria W.

Nithya Ruff

Moderated by Amanda Blevins

This is an oft-touted topic.  We will take the gloves off for this one and delve deep into how to make this work for all of us and how to achieve our goals.  Bring your questions, suggestions and passion - we HAVE to change the status quo.

Promotions, Visibility, Toxic environments and how to deal with them


Ricky Trigalo

Dil Ibrahim

Amanda Blevins

Rachel Thomas

Gloria W.

Moderated by Rupa Dachere

A candid discussion on what it takes to get promoted, being "visible" (not necessarily loud) and dealing with environments that are challenging growth and work/workplace satisfaction.


Workshop: Basics of Machine Learning

Emmanuel Strauss, Rituparna Mukherjee & Yanxi Pan

Workshop: Angular 2 and Clarity Framework

Jeeyun Lim

This hands-on workshop will teach you the fundamentals of building a web application using Angular2. We will go through an interactive tutorial to build an application using VMware’s Clarity Design System. After taking this workshop, the participant will know how to write components and directives, inject services, and setup routing in their application. No prior knowledge of Angular2 is required, but familiarity with front-end technologies (javascript, html, css) will be helpful.